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eCAN workshop series concludes with meetings on empowerment and EU networking

The workshops on ‘Liaison with EU-wide networks: Spread the message across the EU’ and ‘Empowerment Tips & Tricks for the use of teleconsultation solutions’ have reunited 37 participants. The aim of the events was to explore external communication and partnership with stakeholders beyond the eCAN community and to share advice towards the effective empowerment, adoption and use of teleconsultation solutions. 

Why do we have healthcare systems if we don’t include patients in the policy-making process?

OECD experts, Candan Kendir and Caroline Berchet, talk in this interview about the importance of including the patients’ voice in the policy-making process that have an impact on healthcare delivery. Working on how to create patient-centred healthcare systems is key for future policies. They both see the need of changing the way policies have been elaborated so far and explain here their vision and insights with the eCAN project in that respect.

The use of telemedicine skyrocketed during the COVID-19 pandemic

The complicated health situation allowed to overcome regulatory barriers and the reluctance of patients and providers towards telemedicine. According to an OECD report, the number of teleconsultations increased significantly, playing a vital role in maintaining access to care, but only partly compensating reductions in face-to-face care.

eCAN advocates for access to health prevention and care on World Cancer Day 2023

This 4th of February, World Cancer Day, the eCAN Joint Action joins the three-year campaign #CloseTheCareGap and advocates for providing access to health prevention and care all over the World. Within its frame of work, as a European research project, eCAN is committed to closing the current care gap among EU countries by strengthening eHealth in cancer.