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Shortening distances, closing the cancer care gap

Equity and digital transformation are not always perceived as two sides of the same coin, and although there is an undeniable change in how we behave and interact in this technologically driven World; it is not less true that digital tools offer an incredible range of innovative solutions that can be helpful to reduce inequalities in different fields. This World Cancer Day 2024 we address how inequities between rural and urban areas can be tackled.


Dimitra Panteli (OBS): “Understanding how policymakers work is essential to successfully transfer any scientific knowledge”

The European Observatory of Health Systems and Policies (OBS) works to build bridges between science and policy. After COVID-19, we’ve seen how these two worlds are more interlinked than ever before. Now, with the European elections around the corner, Dimitra Panteli and Florian Tille, both members of the OBS, tell us about how they interact with the political sphere when transferring scientific knowledge and what the most innovative trends in health are, among other things. 


Andreas Charalambous (ECO): “The health workforce is not well prepared for a digitalised healthcare system”

Digital transition is inevitable and necessary for healthcare systems if they do not want to be left behind. Population’s digital skills are usually in the spotlight of the debate, but less often healthcare professionals’ digital abilities are discussed. Andreas Charalambous, president of the European Cancer Organisation (ECO), talks to us about health workforce’s challenges in digital transition and technology-based interventions for cancer care.

eCAN partners present two posters at the European Public Health Conference 2023

The Communication and Sustainability Work Packages have participated in the 16th edition of this international event held in the Irish capital, with more than 2,450 delegates from over 85 countries worldwide. Sustainable food systems, trade determinants of noncommunicable diseases, EU health priorities and the future of One Health are some of the topics addressed in the conference.

Breast Cancer: a lifelong journey

During Breast Cancer Awareness Month, eCAN’s partners and collaborators would like to highlight the need to improve the quality of life of breast cancer patients. Indeed, eCAN is committed to improving their lives by highlighting the vital role of rehabilitation in their recovery process. 

Experts and policymakers discuss cancer care challenges in a high-level meeting in Barcelona

Experts, policymakers, healthcare professionals and eCAN representatives, along with representatives from other Joint Actions, have attended to the High-Level Meeting Challenges in Cancer Care. The Palacio Real de Pedralbes, in Barcelona, has hosted this event organised by the Spanish Presidency of the Council of the European Commision. The whole meeting has revolved around the importance of providing a comprehensive response to current challenges and opportunities in cancer care at the European Level.


Michele Calabrò (EUREGHA): “If national and local approaches in health are not contemplated enough, we may lose some nuances”

Despite complex global health challenges, European citizens are constantly expressing the need for a healthcare system that is accessible, closer to them and responsive to their specific needs. Michele Calabrò, Director of the European Regional and Local Health Authorities (EUREGHA), promotes in this interview the fundamental role of the local and regional perspective in European health policies.